Exercices français en ligne- Online French exercises

Pour compléter nos cours de français, Accent Français propose des exercices de français en ligne gratuits complémentaires

French and Cultural Program - Accent Francais Montpellier

French Courses + Full program of activities and excursions


Course Program : 20 lessons/week

General French from Monday to Friday

Acquisition of skills covering all aspects of the language: grammar, structure and vocabulary. Teaching methods focus on communication and respect for each student’s personal progression.


Full program of activities and excursions

You will have access to a full specific program, on a 2 weeks minimum basis :

1 Montpellier city tour, 2 cultural activities, 2 full day excursions on week ends (or 1 full day on week end and 2 half days on Fridays), 2 French movies, a transport card for the city of Montpellier (tramway and bus pass for 14 days)


Example of activities proposed :

Excursion to : Nimes - Narbonne et Carcassonne – Marseille - Avignon et Pont du Gard - St Guilhem du désert…

Activities such as : Cheese tasting - Occitanes danses - French Songs – Theatre workshop…


Ideal for short « discovery » stays !



From Mid May to Mid October


Students have access to the whole school weekly activity program. All activities and excursions are guided by our professional school guide.



Examples of activities program     here 


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