Online French courses - Activités en Français

Pour compléter nos cours de français, Accent Français propose des exercices de français gratuits complémentaires

List of courses, french language courses in Montpellier-France

 Accent Français is able to offer a large variety of courses and a dedicated
team who will help you to choose the most suitable one, according to your goals, your ability and the time available to you.
Cours standard (standard course): 20 lessons per week
Cours intensif (intensive course): 25 lessons per week
Cours académique (academic course): 20 lessons per week
Cours standard Plus 1: 20 lessons per week + 4 private lessons
Cours standard Plus 2: 20 lessons per week + 10 private lessons
French language + cooking lessons
Live and learn at teacher's home
Stage Senior: course for older students, 15 lessons per week + activities + excursions
Stage PLF: course for professionals, 20 lessons per week
Preparation for DELF and DALF examinations, business French
Preparation for the TEF examination, 20 lessons per week
Cours privés: one-to-one teaching, 20 or 30 lessons per week
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